Monday, August 12, 2013

Who stole my nuts?

 Ranger Rick asked me to illustrate an article on woodpeckers. This red-bellied couple is  preparing to order a tasty meal at their favorite cafe´. "Hmmm, should I have the peanuts again or should I splurge and go for the suet cake?" 
  Using the old paper background was a new experiment.  The "menu"  was not asked for in the layout, but since the space was there; I just couldn't help doing it for myself, after the illustration was sent. Who can resist a tattered empty page? Lately I just can't leave anything be; I want to push it further, into a different realm.

This squirrel thug has just stolen from the acorn woodpecker's stash. 

Just playing around again, I put some color behind him for added drama.

He will appear  something like  this in the magazine. 

So, I'm thinking he would be great on a tote bag. Although that might imply that the carrier of such a bag is a shoplifter. Hmmmm...should I?


sheree boyd said...

I don't know who stole your nuts but it looks like the squirrel done dropped his! heehee...I think the tote is adorable!

Debbie Palen said...

Thanks, Sheree! Yep, he done dropped his nuts! Hey... wait a minute...those are MY nuts!