Monday, April 4, 2016

Hey...That's not FAIR! (said the boy to the bear)

  Artists are blessed and cursed in the extreme sometimes, but I think the important thing about living in that duality is the word AND. The last few months have tested my sanity on a personal level.  I'm usually busy, but  I can't remember ever being really busy and also dealing with a traumatic thing like a molar extraction ( not an easy one).
  But now that two books are finished, one on the heels of another, I can say a few things are becoming clear :  One: The ability to focus on art is a gift; it channels the mind/body into another world and in that sense is a meditation that can transcend pain.  Two: I was very  fortunate to have had cool clients and art directors who worked with me on the scheduling so that I did not have to abandon the work  entirely because of a villainous tooth making an entrance into the story.
   Sketches to come later for  the tooth character, but for now, here's a few of my favorites featuring the unfair bear.  Despite his role as a cheating jerk to the boy, he also became  the hero I needed.   For McGraw Hill, in their pre-K Social- Emotional program. Thanks for being incredibly supportive, Janet!