Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Little Chickadee

actual size


  One of my facebook friends, Mary Anne Lloyd, organized a silent art auction to help raise funds for Casco Bay High School, a public expiditionary learning school in Portland, MaineMary Anne is also a cool illustrator who, among other things, is a keen observer of felines and turns cats into characters I particularly adore.  www.maryannelloyd.com  She asked me to contribute if I had time and sent me a tiny wooden ornament. Well, who could resist?

  For 26 tiny pieces of art they raised a record amount of $1500 which goes directly to their expeditions, which are kind of like learning adventures. Here is the school's facebook page about the event where you can see all of the artists' pieces along with some photos of the presentation. 

  This is smaller than probably anything I have worked on for some time. (height: 3 3/4 ").  Pencil and gouache, sprayed with several coats of fixative. The wood is a good quality birch, with a darker stain on the edge.

 I've just ordered more ornaments and may be able to offer them for sale for the holidays. I hope I can do a few more.  
 Addendum: Looks like I'm too busy with other work this month to make any more of these, but I will have a head start for next year! 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Grounded Witch and The Other Side

A  rough sketch... hope to finish it for next year!

A  2- sided paper mache' and cardboard box I created for an auction event several years ago. Not great photos; I wish they were a bit less fuzzy, but I had fun doing this and would love to make more 3-d stuff someday. On this not- so -happy day after Halloween I am thinking of those that are struggling on the east coast with the aftereffects of the storm and hope that they will all come out on the other side. Some I have not even heard from.  My heart is with them.