Saturday, December 17, 2011

Squirrely Whirly

  Just finished this assignment for Ranger Rick for their March issue. I tried to capture that March feeling... those blue-grey skies and patches of melting snow.  I exaggerated their tails to the point that they look a bit like bagels, or maybe cinnamon rolls. (Because that's what you want to eat before you go squirrel-spying.)

 I used traditional media for this one; pastel and colored pencils on Ingres charcoal paper.

...and here's a draft of the page. The kids can check off all the crazy things they see squirrels do.


sheree boyd said...

wow, Debbie...beautiful illustration!!! I love those cinnabon (cinna-bum) squirrels! they so purty and clever! i really love their big cute eyes!

over the summer i would have squirrels take naps in this saucer shaped bird feeder i have outside. it was hilarious...i guess after all that 'grabbin' of bird food a squirrel could get all sleepy and need a nappity-nap. :)

Debbie Palen said...

thanks sheree! that sounds so cute- fat, nappity - nappin squirrels. :)