Wednesday, September 14, 2011


  It's not too late to go to the beach and look for shells in September. In sweatshirts. This spread for Ranger Rick went through several incarnations in sketch stage with a different title too, but  it finally came together.  An "aha!" moment came when I realized I could make little shell characters on the beach instead of  trying to fit in an identification drawing of shells as a separate teaching element. Anthropomorphic shells. I think Ms. Whelk and  Mr. Mussel are hitting it off.
  Another piece for Ranger Rick for a regular feature called "Be Out There". No earbuds or ipads; just sun, surf, sand and wildlife.  Donna Miller's great art direction. (Thanks for the hermit crab idea, Donna!)

art created 6-28-11

Media:  pastels, prismacolor and photoshop.

  Here it is in print:

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